Warped Logic of European Union... Telling Israel to rush in - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Israeli realist
    • 22.02.11 | 14:58 (IST)

    and sign an agreement with Palestinian ..PA or Hamas. An Peace Agreement with PA will be treatened by Hams Rulers of Gaza., or worse Hamas operatives on the goroun will assinate Abbs and anyone in PA regime who cosigns such an agreement. Furthermore, for the last 3 years PA 's government is semi-officail. Fatah dominated PLO which governs WB without legaly being elected. It was Hamas who got 60% of the vote in last election before the breakup and Coup d'Etat by Hams against the coalition partner PLO. Since 2 years President PA Abbas rules by the seat of his pants because his term expired in 2009. and Abbas is afraid to call an electrion for the Presicdency of PA. Abbas appointed Salam Fayed as the PM of PA. the PM was never elected to niether PA parlament nor Prime Ministers Office. So the reality is: The Plestinians are split inti ywo parts (WB and Gaza) Each part is governed by two parties which have not reached any reconsilation agreement hence there are two separate entities WB and Gaza. Any mediation by Saudi Arabia , Egypt., UN to the reunite the PA with Hams FAILED. Hamas continue to refuse to homour any prior Agreemnets betweenIsrael and PA. Thye hint of their interim goal for a Tdhiye a ceasfire... Scenario : PA under Abbas signs a Peace Agreemnt fwith Israel. Hams as it already decred few times thathey will nothonour such Peace Agreement. Quetions to EU: 1)How long will such a Peace Agreement Last 2) If After such Peace Agreemnt signature Hamas lunches barrages of Qassams and Katyushas on Israel sities, kibutzim and moshavim targeting civilan population what will EU Do? 2b) Israel will respond since any state has the duty and the right to protect its citizen 2c. Will EU states ask to convene the Security Counsil of the UN and condemn Israel or worse GET UN's Humann Rights Council conduct a investigation and maybe hire Judge Goldstone to visit and comlete a Reportt declaring who is the instigator of the fight then between IDF and Hamas and who committed "Crimes Against Humanity c) ME is yunstable and no one can predict who will replce the dictators topled in curent wave of revolutionary upheaval in Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Bahrein, Yemen and Iran. Wil the protest and demonstrations lead to democratically elected governents ruling democraticaly or another extreme regime takes power after succh election or anothe rauthocratoc regime emerges 2d, If PA signs a peace agreement and its sticks. will regimes like Islamic Republics government of Iran embrace and recognize Israel. 2f. Wil Islamic Iran establish thediplomatic relations with Israel? Very doubtfull. Dont aks us Israelis to sign a piece of paper jus to satisfy your own (Europen ) Mirage based on shaky logical base.

    from the article: EU tells Israel: Mideast turmoil makes peace talks imperative
    First published 13:20 22.02.11 | Last updated 13:20 22.02.11
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