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    • Leah PettePiece
    • 07.04.05 | 07:55 (IDT)

    It saddens me as a relatively new olim, ( here in Israel now for six months), to note the amount of division that seems to exist between the extreme religious factions of our people and the ordinary every day Jew who keeps kosher, follows the laws and still remains able to work, study and play in the rest of the world. A kippa is not a sign of anything, unless the man underneath knows that it is there to remind him that there is a greater power who rules over all of us. Living in Tzfat and hearing the near constant rantings of the religious in our community makes me wonder if we can ever have peace. I fear some of them more than I fear the Muslims, or the Arabs. To hear such strong hatred voiced out toward other people, any other people or nation also disturbs me greatly. I was brought up as a child of the world, having lived in seven different countries by the time I graduated from High school and I understand that we are not all alike, but we are all HUMAN. Some how we must come to a place where we can look at our Arab neighbors and not see blood, we must be able to allow them to be who they are without beliving instantly that they are all bad. The settlers who are being violent also need to stop! Israel was given to the Jews, yes, but Torah also teaches us to live at peace with the stranger within our gates, and that we should respect life. I don't see a possiblity of peace in Israel until all Jews are able to live together, worship according to their individual traditions and be civil to one another. A Jew, is born a Jew it doesn't matter whether we are Orthodox, Conservatice, Reconstructionist, Reform or Renewal, if our mother was a Jew, then we are also a Jew! I find umbridge with the Rabbis who dare to incite such violence between Jews! Some one has to get hold of these extremists and make them understand that if our state is to survive with in the small world of intercommunication we all now live in than we must stop fighting amoung ourselves! Leah PettePiece

    from the article: A kippa is not enough
    First published 00:00 06.04.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.04.05
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