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    • MaxZ
    • 21.05.14 | 13:53 (IDT)

    Aew Jews really playing victimization card? No. Maybe I and most Jews are paranoid..but it is undeniable that during WWII Jews in occupied Europe were singled out for the extermination.True, German Nazis organized the destruction of European Jewery. Please read the The Destruction of the European Jews is a book published in 1961 by historian Raul Hilberg. Hilberg revised his work in 1985, Professor Hilbergs epochal historic research on the destruction of Jews of Europe is based on thourough academic research and well documented. Now, to the question why Jews are disliked by most Europeans go and study the behaviour of the Catholic Chutch and most importantly the Vatican and its Popes actions or general inaction while Jews of Europe were shipped to concentration camps in Poland for gasing, burning and working to death ain slave labor camps.While this was going on most Europeans looked on with indifference orbertrayed Jews who were hiding. Most Jews of Greece , mainly from Salonika, were shipped of to Aushwitz to be killed by gasing and burried in mass garves. Greek underground did not lify a finger to sabotage the transport trains en route ot Aushwitz. Please name any Greek underground organization who made any effort to sabotage the rairaod trakc leading from Grece to Polish extermination camps. Tell me what the Polish underground [AK and Gurdia Ludowa(communist)] Brish bombers flew to bomb Oil fields in Ploesi, Romania. The route included overflight of Aushwitz. The exile Jewish leaders in England asked the Bomber command to bomb the crematoria in Aushwitz and the requests were flatly denied. Why? Churchil stated that Allies do not want to create the impression that Allied Forces (England and US) are fighting to save Jews. Likewise Soviet Air Force refused to bomb Treblinka, Majdanek and Sobibor crematoria! Europenas were qitly rejouced the Reich is eleiminating their Jewish neighbors. Yopu have to understand and admit that the extermination of Jews during WIWII was thedirect result of European Antisemitism. No European can deny this facts!The Nazis were destroying the Jews of Europe and the absolute majority of Europeans rejoced! I ahve no grand parrents only 2 uncles left from a total number of uncles and aunts! No grandparents to read me childrens stories nor singing lullabys when I was going to sleep. When I was in the Jewish school in Lodz Poland we were taken each 19 April to the Monumet of Warsaw Ghetto Heros of 1843 Uprising. No Polish Christian teacher in our IL Perec School ever accompanied us on the April 19 trips. When the Parents Committe asked the Class teacher to go with us the answer was" To nie jest moje swieto" (Class teacher Pani Basinska refused to join saying " Its not my Holiday" Yes, she viewed the Ghetto Commemorations as a HOLIDAY( Pani Basinska was teaching history. Jewish history was of no importance to her) In our High School Pani Horbacka was teaching us history. Like Basinska she never joint our April 19 trips to the ruins of Ghetto and the Monument there. Mr. Dimitrios, we are not playing victims. We were and are the descendants of our familes which perished while Poles were looking on with indifference or Warsaw residents calous behavior by bringing their children to the walls pf the buring Ghetto in Warsaw to watch "jak Zydki sie snafza" (Watch how Jews are frying) Stop stating "as nation of people the Jews are better off than most." True, percentage wise most Nobel prize winners are Jews because from childhood Jewish parents insist that their children excell in scoll and get highier education Do tou want to introduce quotas on the number of Jews attending universities?

    from the article: Why is Greece the most anti-Semitic country in Europe?
    First published 21:04 20.05.14 | Last updated 21:04 20.05.14
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