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    • tia_algeria
    • 26.02.11 | 15:53 (IST)

    well good point for the israeli society, way more tolerant on this subject than our societies are. my country fines gays and you have also possible jail terms up to 2 yrs . these sanctions are influenced by conservative views unfortunately. we are all the children of God, why deny rights to some people because of their sexuality. the world is a sad place but there are at least discussions in your society about it. Mine is still homophobic but debates have started to take place since a few years and social networking helped the "gay community" somehow to come out of the closet and connect. Our society is torn between conservatives views, culture, the whole thing mixed with a thick gravy of hypocrisy, which makes us a schizophrenic society. how many homosexuals still get married, have children and lead a double life? pure cruelty, hypocrisy ruins many people's lives. homosexuals are reduced to "criminals" in the eyes of the law but are tolerated at the same time....lots of work to do in my country and it will take many years. so all the best to you in israel who are already better off and continue your legitimate fight to make things progress. the day this world will just accept human beings regardless of all those ridiculous considerations, we will have made progress. your fight is everyone's fight. you have gays who are muslims whatever our conservatives say. we need to open the debate in the civil society as sanctions are outrageous. i leave the religious side out as discussing with ultra conservatives is sometimes the same as talking to a wall. we live side by side but do not talk much to each other sadly. God loves everyone, his reps on earth are intolerant. how is that? gay muslims have a very complicated relation to religion but this exemple is hopeful. My heart goes to those people and their "fight" that can only be admired as some people just like them struggle all over the planet . thank you for this interesting article.

    from the article: Devout and proud
    First published 08:30 25.02.11 | Last updated 08:30 25.02.11
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In unity government, Zionist Union would handle peace talks, senior Likud officials says, adding that Herzog would be named foreign minister if center-left party decides to join Netanyahu's government. Herzog blasts report as a 'spin, Likud rumor.'

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