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    • Dr.Howard Hail
    • 02.11.12 | 18:29 (IST)

    Vegans especially moral vegans cannot be trusted to think rationally. The first sign of a Vitamin B12 loss which only comes in meat is the inability to think rationally and to be overly emotional. You can get some B12 from very expensive plants but this VB12 is inactive in the human body. The human body depending upon your genetics can make its own VB12 for a few years if you have had meat as an infant and child. But human beings were made to eat meat and to deny that is to deny your biology and what your brain needs to function well. This new religion and that is all it is denies the rights of human beings their existence. Notice that these people constantly put animals above humans and that is PeTA speak way. This is a cult and as all cults go HSUS and PeTA are the worst of their kind because the laws they pass have killed more animals and pushed more humans beings into poverty than any other cult so far. PeTA still actively kills thousands of pets each year under their philosophy of better off dead, whereas, HSUS has mastered the art of fundraising by pretending to donate to the care of animals. Less than .1% of their earnings of 168 million go to the direct care of animals. Mostly it goes to lobby for changes in federal laws that actually cause the death of more animals. Not being able to use farrowing pens results in more loss of baby pigs, not being able to use enriched chicken pens causes them to peck each other to death as free roamers. Anyone who listens to this vegan rant know that this movement originated with Hitler in his attempt to control anyone who did not approve of his new government. Recognize this so called movement for what it is another sadistic cult, but once they have gotten all pets spayed and neutered so you cannot own a pet, whats next? Well Peter Singer wants all human beings to spay and neuter themselves according to his article in the New York Times entitled Should this be the last Generation? So you know where these people are heading and everything they do has cult written all over it.

    from the article: Israeli vegan activists to protest animal 'Holocaust' by tattooing livestock numbers
    First published 12:27 01.11.12 | Last updated 12:27 01.11.12
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