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Motel in Kampala, Uganda, where asylum seekers are staying

For asylum seekers who left Israel, a hopeless journey

Prof. Galia Sabar traveled to Rwanda and Uganda to hear about the Sudanese and Eritreans’ wretched living conditions — partly courtesy of Israel.

Benjamin and Benzion Netanyahu.

The father, the son (Bibi) and the spirit of catastrophe

Far from being a politician with no vision or plan, Benjamin Netanyahu is in dialogue with history. His ideology was inherited from his father, but it harkens back to 15th-century messianic writings.


Shavuot and cheescake, what's the story?

Rabbis offer explanations for the obscure correlation between Pentecost and dairy, plus one rather prosaic idea involving dessert.

Masters of Sex

Sex tips — in 19th-century French and 1930s Yiddish

A work on sex translated into mamaloshen is now available at the National Library in Jerusalem. Women, don’t be insulted.