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    • Alan
    • 22.04.05 | 03:38 (IDT)

    Greetings: I am a newcomer to this post and I appreciate it that the newspaper makes this "space" available for comments. From reading many of the comments, it seems that some posters use inflammatory language to prove dubious points. For example, one poster claimed that Israel was engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide. This type of inflammatory remark is silly. Ethnic cleansing and genocide involve the mass extermination of people. Nowhere does Israel practice this. The population of West Bank Arabs, and Gazan Arabs is increasing and at a faster rate than it did under Jordanian control. Better hospitals, better food, better sanitary conditions since 1967. The same goes for Israeli Arabs. Their health, welfare, and material welfare is much higher in Israel than in any Arab country with the exception of very tiny, oil rich emirates. If Israel wanted to exterminate Arabs, it could. There are no headlines that say "Israel bombs Ramallah hotels, shopping centers, and markets -- 200,000 killed, etc." The irony is, of course, is that all neighboring Arab states are cleansed of Jews and, increasingly, for that matter, Christians. If you were a Christian, would you like to live in a Muslim-dominated Arab country? Ready to move to Lebanon? I think that there is a migration out of Christian Arabs rather than a migration in. This is a shame, because like the Jews, the Christians well predate Muslims in that part of the world. There also is something bothersome about falsely claiming that Israel is engaged in genocide and ethnic cleansing. Is it to deny the Holocaust? Is it to rile up people's emotions? Is it to say that Jews are no better than Nazis? My guess, and it is only a guess, is that these types of false claims are made by people who have anti-Jewish feelings, but feel safe to express them only when using Israel as their outlet. These same people always argue against Israel's right to defend itself. Better for the Jews to be dead I suppose. For example, the sanctity of Syrian airspace is a laugher. Syria forfeits its territorial integrity by planning and funding bombings in Lebanon and Israel and sending jihadists to Iraq to kill us Americans. Perhaps the European posters like dead Americans, but this American does not. In any event, when Syria starts to respect the terrritorial integrity of others, then its defenders might have a case. It is sunny and warm in Seattle, a rarity, and I am going home now to enjoy the weather. My best to you all.

    from the article: Sharon: Russian missiles being sold to Syria do threaten Israel
    First published 00:00 20.04.05 | Last updated 00:00 20.04.05
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