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    • Thomas
    • 31.08.11 | 12:21 (IDT)

    Not only that the USA threatened some countries (Haiti, Liberia and the Philippines, read Wikipedia on Resolution 181) with aid cuts to get the necessary vote for Resolution 181 - in April 1948 it was working on an UN trusteeship plan for Palestine which led the Security Council (Sec Res 46, 17. April 1948) to the decision that both sides (Arab Higher Commitee and Jewish Agency) should: "(d) Refrain, pending further consideration of the future Government of Palestine by the General Assembly, from any political activity which might prejudice the rights, claims, or position of either community;" Dispite of this resolution the Jewish Agency proclaimed Israel within a month. But the USA never condemned Israel, if it would take this kind of "unilateral" step and never threatened it with or demanded negotiations before voting for UN membership. Instead and dispite Israel's clear violation of this resolution Truman recognized Israel and Israel got 37 votes when it applied the second time for UN membership. (More than the needed 2/3 majority back then) Today the US is aiding Israel with 3 billion US$ a year which means that the US tax payer is giving every Israeli more than an US$ per day! Palestine is doing nothing else but to ask for UN recognition for it's State proclaimed in 1988 within the borders of 1967 and (unlike Israel) most certainly within the perimeters of Resolution 181. It is allready recognized by 125 UN Members and even more countries will vote in the General Assembly for it (which is also the necessary 2/3 majority). But in this case the USA demands "negotiations" ahead and threatens Palestine with aid cutting. And whoever talks about Palestinan terror. It wasn't Palestinians who assasinated the UN Mediator Folke Bernadotte in 1948. Shamir, then leader of the LEHI terror organisation later became Israel's Speeker of the Knesset, Foreign Minister and then Prime Minister of Israel. Every member of Israels terror organisations like LEHI or IRGUN (which dissolved into the IDF) got a ribbon of honor and there are several streets and places named also after Menachem Begin. It was Zionist's terrorism which drove the Britains and Palestinians out of Palestine and which enabled a state in the then mandated State of Palestine and Jews to become a majority in most of it's territory, Without violence and terror against civilians it could never prevent Palestinians (who by Resolution 181 and international law should be Israelis) to return to their homeland. But there is no demand from the USA to abstain from this violence or to respect this international law. I hope, Haaretz is allowed to publish my commentary.

    from the article: U.S. bill aims to cut funds to pro-Palestinian UN groups
    First published 02:00 31.08.11 | Last updated 02:00 31.08.11
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