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    • T. Mancuso
    • 19.10.10 | 07:16 (IST)

    The Palestinians' complete reliance on Israel's approval of their search for freedom as a nation is baffling, and it is one main reason while Israel has come to feet entitled to decide on whether and when the Palestinians deserve independence, and what limits should be imposed to that possible independence. Banking on your oppressor's kindness to gain your freedom is beyond naive, especially when your oppressor has provided you with a litany of violence, condescension and a total disregard for your legal rights. Israel has even turned the peace process into a circus and a finger pointing exercise, to deflect attention from its failures to complain with its obligations. Neither Israel nor the United States care about the Palestinians or their rights. Yet those are the same countries whose approval Palestinians are counting on to gain their independence. Palestinians can't be any worse than they already are by unilaterally declaring independence. Even an American veto at the UN would be worthless because many countries around the world are prepared to recognize a Palestinian state, with or without the US, and with or without the UN. Israel routinely ignores international law on issues the world asks it to comply with. You won't find many countries denying recognition to a self-proclaimed Palestinian nation, for exercising its long denied right to freedom, with or without Israel's approval or a US veto at the UN. Many countries around the world proclaimed their own independence unilaterally amid fierce opposition from their colonizers and oppressors. Israel is not interested in making any real compromise for peace. The only thing Israel wants to bring to the peace table is an ever expanding list of unreasonable demands to the Palestinians. Israel will start to genuinely negotiate for peace only after it has taken almost all Palestinian land, making a future Palestinian state non-viable and confining such a Palestinian state to nothing more than the patch of land within the infamous Israeli built "Wall of Shame" .

    from the article: Palestinians plan UN resolution calling for settlement evacuation
    First published 00:41 19.10.10 | Last updated 00:41 19.10.10
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