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    • Danite
    • 19.09.05 | 16:37 (IDT)

    The campaign for intelligent design is part of a general cultural war being waged in America. The goal is to role back the secular underpinnings of American culture which is viewed by many to be the root cause of Americs socila ills. The religious and very conservative right view things in a rather atomised way, it is all about individual choices being made in some kind of vacum.The secualr individual and society stripped of its "morals" which can only be found in religion is like a ship without a compass and so both makes choices that degreade both the individual and society.People commit crime for example because they lack morals (which is partially true but it is more than that as well) people are poor because they lack morals everything comes back to that. Secular society is identified with chaos. In many ways it is, the general cultural level has degenerated to a scary degree, the values of ego maniacal selfish gratifacation(drilled into us by the endless advertising) have trumped all, society has become that "place" out side of the home were people go to consume things and then rush home. Yes their is a very svere problem with the state of our socio- economic and individual standards. The problem with the hyper conservative view is that it puts the individual in a vacum ignoring the environement and context in which an individual makes choices, this attitude is in part a result of and a support to, an world view that sees minimal govt as best and life as a Darwinian struggle for survival(interesting how they misapply Darwin to ecomomics!) with the individual as totaly responsible for everything. However if individualism as the supreme value is enshrined how does man fucntion in society? (when needed they run to society for help otheriwse forget them!)Religion steps in to fill the void by offering a "super ego" to control the Ego and Id unleashed by secularism(I know this is straight out of freud but take the general point)and so control the individual without any need to change anything on the socio economic front. Ie to regularise the individual within a laisser faire form of capitalism without the need for the reform of that system. Just believe and all will be well. I am not so sure about that. Dont get me wrong I am not opposed to religion per sea it can be a very positve influence in peoples lives and in society but when it comes to education leave intelligent design to the church sunday school and leave Darwin in the classroom. Either we as a society accept the scientific method of understanding or we dont. we have seen and see the results when it is not, lets not roll back the clock. Been there done that. Danite

    from the article: The absurdity of intelligent design
    First published 00:00 19.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.09.05
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