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    • George
    • 03.09.11 | 13:23 (IDT)

    it is a military blockade. Aggresive policy is accurate. I will be in the United States pressuring against such irresponsible policy. All cargo should and will be inspected and the maritime blockade should be enforced. The fact that they may be accompanied/escorted by a military force demonstrates the exact importance of such a policy while those in power in gaza advocate war and reject peace with their neighbor Israel. Turkey has the largest population of displaced people of any nation. It is unacceptable that it spend so much time trying to distract its citizens from the work that Turkey needs to do to advance by scapegoating and demonizing Israel. What does Turkey think would happen to a bunch of people with suspect cargo trying to enter illegally into Turkey would be treated? That they would not board and inspect the boat, its passengers and cargo? That if attacked when doing this standard procedure that their officers would not defend themselves against violent force? The Turkish demonize Israel while they bomb Kurds and sell the future of their citizens short to settle for something beneath the standard of Turkey or any great nation? Is this their way of punishing the west for not admiting them into the EU? The manner in which the Turkish PM orignally attacked President Peres to start of this public decline of relations should be where we start. In what world was this responsible? In what way was this not just an irresponsible show meant to pander to extremists out of a feeling of rejection from the west. I truly refuse to believe that the common and average Turkish person would support such retractionary and regressive policy. It has not helped Turkey or anybody else. I believe there is a better light and side of Turkey that is being overshadowed by people like their PM. I ask the Turkish people for an apology for the rude behavior of their Prime Minister. As an ally and NATO member I encourage them to behave more responsibly and return to a rational, mature and reasonable approach to their domestic and international policy and goals that truly reflect the interests of the Turkish people, the region and the world. The recent demands from Turkey were childish and their recent actions are unprofessional. The people of Turkey deserve better then these high cost games. With so much opportunity and power it truely saddens me that this is an accepted level/standard displayed by those who are titled with words like 'leader', executive or head of state'. With such power comes responsibility and some people seem to really not get what that means. As a natural born citizen of the United States of America an ally of both Israel and Turkey I am beyond displeased and disappointed. Behave like adults. This is a real world. The rest of us normal people who fight in your armies and wars do it. You say we are allies, act like it. This does not help your allies Turkey. Put aside your differences and realize what is truly good for Turkey is embraced and supported by those who consider it a friend. This is a distraction and a convenient excuse for procrastination on the hard work each nation and people must do on their own. Your freedom to swing your fists and flail your arms ends at my nose. I say as an American and a dove for peace. This sort of behavior only makes progress that much more difficult and helps none. Its an attention scam. To those who support peace, and if Turkey wishes to support peace it should truly listen to its long friend and ally Israel and America. Being a team player does not mean keeping your opinions to yourself, it means doing so with respect and in a dignified and responsible manner, realizing and recognizing that your actions have broad reaching effects outside of your own perceived or natural realm of interest. Relationships must be mutual and founded upon respect. I say this as someone who has had my own rocky relationships that were less then perfect at times. I respect both Israel and Turkey greatly. I see the potential, the real benefits and opportunities from our relationship so long as we can recognize that our differences cannot be a source of weakness or conflict but of producing real solutions, dialouge and progress. I ask Israel to do what it can to encourage and help to foster a reconciliation between both nations. Be not too proud my friends nor afraid you are alone. You are not. Turkey, don't feel there is no way out without losing face. Or that solving differences is somehow a loss, a weakness upon your people or leaders. Us people want our leaders to be exceptional not arrogant and unwaivering. We as individuals of working class are forced to compromise in ways, work hard for little, one of the things which matters the most is having people who love you. We want our leaders to be better reflections of ourselves, we can handle the kneejerk reactions, the excuses, the same old same old. You as leaders have what we as people in our great democracies have only a portion of. Power. With it comes responsibility. It is not a reminder for when it comes easy but for when it seems so easy. I send you both my love and prayers. Sincerely, George Someone who pays attention.

    from the article: Report: Turkey navy to escort aid ships to Palestinians in Gaza
    First published 11:31 03.09.11 | Last updated 11:31 03.09.11
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