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    • Rami
    • 15.08.11 | 11:39 (IDT)

    I may be going off tangent here but as a Palestinian, I'd like to explain something. The Jews have been historically persecuted and have frequently been displaced within Europe to the point that they did not feel any sense of belonging on the lands they lived on. Once the idea of zionism came about, the Jews could not comprehend or appreciate that another people, the Arab natives of Palestine, are a people with deep roots who could not simply 'be expelled, displaced, dispossessed or tossed aside". To Palestinians there is a saying that the most important things in life are "Ard wel A'ard" which means "Land and Family Dignity". As a people who have been natives to the land, cultivating it and deriving nourishment from it., Palestinians could not simply 'pack and leave' making way for Jewish immigrants because they justifiably feel that their dignity and right to their land is inalienable, unlike the Jews who often had to move from one country to the next. Furthermore, it is illogical to justify the expulsion of a native population on the pretext that "they are Arab and there are other Arab countries around them". That would be like encouraging the explusion of native South Africans to neighboring countries on the pretext that there other black-majority countries around them. It is immoral and definitely criminal. Once the Jewish people begin to comprehend this narrative, they will find inner peace and be convinced that Palestinians have been here and are here to stay. It is up to the Jewish people to accomodate the natives as we have done immeasurable sacrifices and endured severe hardship due to historical injustices. The Jewish immigrants from Middle Eastern countries were actually ENCOURAGED by zionists to settle in Israel unlike the Palestinians refugees who were mostly driven out of their homes by terror tactics. So for all of you obsessively repeating that "Jordan is Palestine", you are out of touch with reality and your propaganda will only prolong suffering on both sides of this "conflict". Accept the 2-state solution for your sake, before it is too late and you are forced to accept the South African final solution which is the least painful way out of the mess caused by zionism.

    from the article: Israel will use Palestinian UN bid to restore status quo
    First published 01:25 15.08.11 | Last updated 01:25 15.08.11
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Israel Police refuse to release video of thwarted West Bank stabbing attack

Eyewitness accounts by Palestinians contradict police's claim that Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and her brother Ibrahim Salah Tahah, 16, refused their request to stop and posed a threat to officers.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, February 16, 2016.

'Despite report, Israel-German ties between are good, and will continue to be'

Der Spiegel report said German officials no longer willing to unequivocally support Israel, quoted Merkel as saying she 'understands' Palestinians attempt to turn to UN.

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Livingstone’s nonsense on Hitler nonetheless touches raw Zionist nerve

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