U.S IS DICTATING ISRAEL NOT TO NEGOTIATE WITH SYRIA - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Arie Raif
    • 15.05.07 | 12:19 (IDT)

    THE U.S IS DICTATING , AND FORBIDS ISRAEL, TO NEGOTIATE WITH SYRIA, BUT IF IT SERVES THEIR OWN INTEREST,,THAN THE U.S WILL NEGOTIATE WITH THE DEVIL HIMSELF,,,,,,,and do we remember ,father Bush,,,, 15 years ago , President George H.W. Bush accepted Baker's recommendation and sat Yitzhak Shamir down with Hafez Assad's delegation to the Madrid conference, following the first Gulf war. Now it is up to Baker to convince his son that appeasing Syria could save the remnants of his honor. Baker believes that reopening the American-Syrian-Israeli political track, might stop terrorists from passing from Syria into Iraq, where they operate against American troops, as well as arms from passing from Iran to Hezbollah via Syria. Using the stick merely pushes Syria into the arms of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, to say nothing of extremist anti-American elements in Iraq..... Israel must not be seen as refusing peace. It makes sense to respond in a positive tone to Assad's peace signals , to determine his intent HERE IS WHAT PROMINENT ISRAELIS SAY AND SAID IN THE NOT SO DISTANT PAST,,,,, Prof. Rabinovich is the president of Tel Aviv University, and in the past served as the Israeli ambassador in Washington and the head of the negotiating team with Syria. Washington is now signaling to Jerusalem that it does not want Israeli-Syrian negotiations to begin, but what about the opposite? The lesson for Israel is clear. Time is not a neutral factor, passivity does not lead anywhere, and one who does not take initiative, even on a different front, will find himself ultimately reacting to the initiatives of others. Yossi Sarid- FORMER MINISTER IN RABIN'S GOV. Washington's ridiculous policy, which it dictates to Israel,,,, Duty and responsibility, however, call for very serious consideration of the Syrian president's talk of wanting a peace settlement; It is not fair for Washington to hitch Jerusalem to its faltering war machine...... Former cabinet press chief for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak,Gadi Baltiansky, calls today 14/10/06 on the need for urgent dialogue saying that citizens are prepared for change, but their leaders aren?t.,,,,,,,,, Death is known ahead"if we do not negotiate with Syria now. Gadi was a member of the Israeli team that negotiated with Syria in 1999 and in 2000.

    from the article: Mossad chief says Syria won't break Hezbollah ties
    First published 00:00 14.05.07 | Last updated 00:00 14.05.07
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