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    • 18.12.12 | 14:35 (IST)

    Just think about how silly it would be for the 3 geographically divided areas of the Occupied territories - esp. with all of the many Israeli incursions into the West Bank, not currently accessible to Palestinians - to be united in a sovereign state. While this would constitute a positive initial development to show good faith for the effort to improve the economic, environmental and social plight of Palestinians, it would not create a balanced or sustainable situation for the denizens of either nation, as extremists in both countries would continue--as they do now--to spur conflict. Also, the Republic of Palestine would be engineered to be the subordinate of & inherently weaker than Israel. Imagine what the current right wing Knesset coalition could do to rails, roads or pipelines passing between Gaza and West Bank over Israeli territory? The only solution is the creation of a SECULAR, Enlightenment-style republic called Mediterranea which would have, as a precondition of membership, the renunciation of ethnicity, heritage, language, national origin or religious affiliation as a basis for individual rights legal status. Worldwide Jews would not be automatically eligible for citizenship if the same right were not also extended to the Islamic Arab diaspora, etc. The only lasting solution remains an integrated, multi-ethnic, secular republic fully committed to protecting but not privileging Jewish identity in all its forms, Islamic Palestinian identity in all its forms, and other identities that are neither of these in all their forms. Mediterranea could have strict immigration policies, but such they could not be based on considerations of such social identities. This is the only legitimate avenue for lasting peace. Dr. King will have to be listened to in the end! The first step is for the PA, Fatah, Hamas & the PLO to jointly declare Palestine a sovereign state and simultaneously announce that it is pacifist nation and will proceed with complete disarmament. This radical but necessary move would trump the card of the Israeli right and progress would inevitably ensue towards the establishment of Mediterranea.

    from the article: Israel suffers humiliating defeat at UN
    First published 02:17 30.11.12 | Last updated 02:17 30.11.12
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