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The summer Israel’s security bubble wrap burst

Army’s original battle plans were thrown out, soldiers had to improvise while fighting in tunnels and intelligence on Hamas’ intentions was wrong. It seems the only thing Israel got right was the victory parties in Gaza.

Liberal Zionism isn't dead - it never existed

Antony Lerman in a New York Times piece titled 'The End of Liberal Zionism' says the 'romantic Zionist ideal' has become 'tarnished by the reality of modern Israel.' Is he correct?

Why celebrating Gaza war 'victory’ is so repellent

It’s the same queasy feeling as I had after the last two wars in Gaza; so much death and destruction, so little progress toward a long-term solution that neither the leaders of Israel nor Gaza want.

Gaza boy
The 'war’s end’ edition / The Promised Podcast

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: Now the ceasefire's signed, what the hell just happened? Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost? And is it time to eulogize liberal Zionism?

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