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    • Corey
    • 10.06.10 | 17:48 (IDT)

    JP!!! You're totally missing her point. Completely and utterly. You say that she "cannot escape the persecution complex which continues to blind Jews to their own failings." But if you read her post she's not trying to escape anything. She specifically admits, and makes allowance for, the fact that Israel is not perfect and has done immoral things. But she is pointing out, and rightly so, that a double standard exists, by which Jews are expected to be perfect, while others are not. Jews routinely see that their various historical and moral claims are fully negated every time they are less than perfect. Others don't suffer the same judgment. She makes her case well, but instead of considering her case, you and others simply respond with the usual "Stop complaining that everyone hates you!" Her post does not try to address the legalities, or illegalities, of settlements, land seizure, etc. There is a time and place for that, and Israel's detractors do not need her help pushing for it. At the same time, there should be a time and a place to evaluate other nations in the Mid East, and determine how worthy, or perfect, they are. There should be a time and a place to evaluate Hamas and Hezbollah. It is only fair and right to have a single standard. And every time a pro-Israeli person tries to point this out, all they get back is "you can't hide from the truth!" So, indeed, let's have the truth. But let's have the whole truth. Not just the portion of it that serves some pre-ordained, politically motivated (if not hate-motivated) agenda. It's you who is trying to escape something JP. Not this blogger. And if you need a further illustration, try comparing Haaretz to Al Jazeera sometime. Tell me what you think about the relative level of debate on the two posts. I don't think your post is meant to be prejudice or unfair because you acknowledge in your opening that she is, in some cases, on point. But in the end, you are looking through her merits and allowing the same old double standard to prevail, and it's just not fair. And, by the way, when you say things like "jews are blinded to their own failings," it is prejudice. You're grouping together a whole ethnicity. It's like saying all Arabs are terrorists. I don't think you meant it that way, but it should kinda make you think.

    from the article: Dear Helen Thomas, we Jews aren't getting the hell out of anywhere anymore
    First published 10:09 10.06.10 | Last updated 13:09 10.06.10
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