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    • zionist forever
    • 16.07.10 | 08:49 (IDT)

    The modern day STATE of Israel is a totally different entity to both historic Israel and what the country will be in Messianic times. In 1948 politicians created an artificial country for jews inside part of the historic Kingdom of Israel but its not the same as what Israel was in the past and will be in future when the Temple will be rebuilt. What we have today is a kind of stop gap between diaspora & biblical Israel its not the Israel that will exist in Messianic times. When the Messiah comes there will be no democracy and non of todays problems will exist. Moshe Dayan ordered the Israeli flag to be taken down to avoid provoking the muslims which was a military decision not a political one. ASSUMING he made some promises to the Waqf back then its purpose was like taking down the flag an attempt to calm the situation. In 1967 certainly not in the first couple of hours of taking the city had any decision been made about allowing the Waqf to run the place and as Dayan was at the time a soldier rather than a politician with any authority to make any binding promises to the waqf. The main reason the government hasn't ordered the mosques to be pulled down and replaced with a Temple is firstly to avoid a war which it would spark and as the Temple is not supposed to be rebuilt until messianic times then there is no need for it. There are only a handful of orthodox jews who believe that we should pull down the mosques and rebuild the Temple now because as there has been no arrival of the Messiah there is not supposed to be a third Temple. As for secular jews not being interested in sacrifices those things won't be made until there is a Temple and the time is not right for that and when the time is right there will be no secular jews and there will be no democracy that will be the real return to zion and until then we fast and mourn the loss of the Temples.

    from the article: It is wrong to fast on Tisha B'Av?
    First published 02:20 16.07.10 | Last updated 02:20 16.07.10
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