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Kerry: Global coalition must stamp out IS 'cancer'

In NYT op-ed, U.S. secretary of state says will seek to enlist EU nations in fight against militant group.

Ya'alon touts Gaza victory; Lieberman not so sure

Defense minister states that Hamas truce conditions are beneficial to Israel; foreign minister says he is 'bothered' that terror group endured in battle against 'strongest army in Mideast.'

Why are Brits so active against Israel?

It may have less to do with anti-Semitism than we think.

Daniel Lau rooftopping
Death-defying thrill seekers in pursuit of new highs

A new breed of adventurer is risking life and limb by 'conquering' skyscrapers and tall monuments. The rooftoppers who shot a video from the peak of a Hong Kong building reveal why they do it.

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