'today Mubarak is being tossed aside.' Yes the tragedy isnt the torture and vicious treatment of his own people it our poor little murderer the West cries tears for. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Vlad-Drakul
    • 02.02.11 | 19:08 (IST)

    ''Let's be honest about what has happened today in Egypt. Mubarak has sent thugs into the streets, including plain clothes police, to attack demonstrators and to foment violence. This violent unrest caused by Mubarak thugs will be used to excuse martial law and the imposition of a stricter police state. Now is the time for the outside world to make clear to Mubarak that his time is up and that the world now views him as an illegitimate thug and dictator. No more U.S. dollars to prop up this gangster. Mubarak out. Leave now or face international prosecution for human rights violations.'' So very true; a tactic that has been seen over and over again in the west (EU/UK and even the US). When demonstrators peacefully demonstrate; black clad 'extremists turn up, trash buildings and throw things; then they retire behind the police lines; take off their identikit black uniforms (check out the video's of this happening in Canada; the US etc). I have seen this happen with my own eyes in Götaborg 2002 at the demonstrations against GW Bush over the war. THe 'black mob' arrived in busses; were let through the police lines and started trashing the place; the protester screamed at them to stop; they then retire through the lines, get back on the busses and then the 'provoked police' started laying into teenager with batons as they sat, arms intertwined on the road. A disgusting and cynical tactic that worked spectacularily; especially as ALL the newspapers followed the proper line calling the demonstrators 'terrorist demonstrators'. Most of Sweden (a very conformist and scared little people)are happy to believe this. Why do you think Julius Assange decided to go to the UK. Smart move. Ever since the 'assassination' of Olof Palme; Sweden has gone from the most tothe least independant form US pressure land in Europe (they sent 1.5 BILLION kr to Aghanistan last year and no doubt another equal amount this year; despite a tight budget). That Tony Blair would call Mubarak a 'force for good' and the 'hesitations' of the western leaders only goes to show the rot in the heart of western democracy; the rot being totalitarian capitalism; as opposed to the mixed ecnomy a true democracy needs ( I am NOT a communist!)

    from the article: As an Israeli, I want the Egyptians to win
    First published 17:42 02.02.11 | Last updated 17:42 02.02.11
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