To Ya'kub Sulvani regarding over 100 million Refugees in the world... - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Alex
    • 31.10.10 | 18:15 (IST)

    Ya'kub, first of all, you are wasting your talent by spouting off your garbage in a Bolshevik paper that hardly anyone reads. Instead, you could probably make a decent living by becoming a propaganda minister for the thugs in Ramallah (PA) or the Jihadists in Gaza (Hamas). Now, concerning the matter of refugees, there IS no, never was, and never will be any RIGHT OF RETURN - not legally, not morally, and not practically. This has been an Arab wet dream for decades, as an effective means of destroying Israel from within, but it will remain just that - A DREAM. There have been well over 100 MILLION persons displaced in various conflicts since World War II. Millions of Greeks and Turks exchanged their populations, tens of millions exchanged between India and Pakistan, millions of Germans were expelled from post-war Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia; and resettled back in Germany, while two million Soviet citizens were repatriated to areas under Soviet control. Population exchanges also took place in Romania, Yugoslavia, and Cyprus, just to name a few. Oh, and let's not forget the minor detail of the ENTIRE ARAB WORLD, From Morocco to Iraq, expelling virtually the entire population of Arab-speaking Jews since 1948. Almost ONE MILLION JEWS kicked out, often preceded by brutal massacres, and pogroms by their generous, "tolerant" Muslim hosts. Who in the world remembers Jewish refugees, who had to suffer in impoverished "tent cities" for years in Israel? Ya'kub Sulvani certainly doesn't. In contrast, the majority of the so-called "Palestinian" refugees left Israel voluntarily, during the fighting that ensued as a result of the collective Arab attempt to annihilate Israel and drown its citizens in a sea of blood in 1948. Most of the remainder left under orders of their Arab leaders. As passionately as you may root for the Jihadi cause, and aid Israel's enemies, Ya'kub, you will never be permitted to re-write history, or to make demands of Israel that no other country in the world is being subjected to. IF you care about your Falastini brethren, Ya'kub, try telling their oppressors in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and elsewhere to start treating them like human beings, because they aren't going ANYWHERE anytime soon.

    from the article: Three cheers for Israel's right
    First published 02:43 29.10.10 | Last updated 02:43 29.10.10
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