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    • 16.06.05 | 15:39 (IDT)

    Hi Tim, interesting to hear that you are a communist and support the state of Israel. For many years, while Israel was ruled by parties that considered themselves socialist and taxed the people like socialists, most of the european left-wing organizations were pro-Israel. After the Yom Kippur War the Soviet Union after seeing their lackies destroyed on the battlefield once again, decided to raise the volume on their anti-American and thus anti-zionist activities. Many left wing organizations in the west became more soviet than the Russians themselves. As a former Marxist I always found it perplexing that leftists in Europe were siding with factions in the Arab world that were fundamentalist Moslem, anti-workers rights, anti-women's rights and subjected their homosexual communities to pariah status. Marx was also against petty-beorgoise ideas of statehood, yet the left in the sixties took an about face and began to adopt many organizations whose sole platform was a struggle for statehood. And by the way from my reading of Marx he was not knee-jerk anti-American either, in fact he felt that the American worker and his trade unions were far more advanced than most of Europe in his time. That brings to mind anti-semitism. In my travels I have met many many wondeful Germans. Sure some are still Wermacht as my friend Uwe calls them, but most had rid themselves of the chains of their former prejuidices. I cannot say this for much of the rest of the European population who still when they close their eyes imagine the jew that was protrayed by Streicher and Goebbels. These prejuidices have not died, the Jew as the Christ killer is still prominent, even if it is often unconcious. What bothers many jews on this site is not that Israel is being criticized, I have no problem with questioning my country or any country's activities, it is the volume of the criticism, the fixation on Israel as totally evil, we have no death penalty here, the arguments are shrill and insensitve and usually attempt to portray israel as an extension of the Third Reich. this is what gets us upset. If someone didlikes our occupation, say it, fine, argue, thats fine, try to help the Palestinians who actually would like to see peace, but to rejoice in the brutal murders of innocent Jews is disgusting. I will check out the sites you have posted it sounds very inteesting. thanks chooooooss. Al ist paletti

    from the article: Foreign Ministry protests EU contacts with Hamas officials
    First published 00:00 16.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.06.05
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