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    • Norman
    • 30.05.08 | 07:24 (IDT)

    1."I have indeed condemned Palestinian killing of Israeli civilians." No Silvienne when it comes to the condemnation of the Palestinians being killed by Hamas or Fatah you don't condemn them you say that is an internal matter. This link proves you are extremely timid in their condemnation. "In recent Hamas-Fatah clashes, children have been deliberately killed. Last month, the three small children of Fatah General Intelligence officer Baha Balusha were murdered while traveling to school in their father's car. Last week, Hamas attacked the home of a senior official in Fatah's Preventive Security Service, Mohammed Gharib, in Jabalya. The officer begged the assailants to spare him and his young daughters; however, they killed him and four of his bodyguards, and seriously wounded his daughters...." 2."But the Palestinians are the ones doing almost all the dying, in massive numbers,....."Your claim is dishonest since you try to pass Palestinian militants as civilians killed by Israel. But who are those Palestinians are they civilians noncombatants as you try to present them? We have our own numbers too Silvienne: ?.Over 50 percent of the Palestinians killed were actively involved in fighting . And Palestinians are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 185 of their own number - one out of every eight Palestinians killed. On the Israeli side, almost 80 percent of those killed have been noncombatants. ?.If we restrict the comparison to noncombatant Israeli females killed by Palestinians and noncombatant Palestinian females killed by Israel, the difference is even more dramatic: 42 Palestinians compared to 150 Israelis, a ratio of more than 3.5 to 1. ?Palestinians have killed at least 154 noncombatant Israelis aged 40 and over, while Israelis have killed 69 Palestinian noncombatants in the same age bracket. The ratio is more than two to one. To be honest I did not put those stats from 2002 for you.They are for those who you tried to mislead with your disinformation about Palestinians doing almost all the dying and in massive numbers hiding the fact that more than 50% of them were militants actively involved in fighting....and that I call propaganda.

    from the article: A tiny, but important, problem
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