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A poster of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus, Syria.

Assad-ISIS links could push U.S. into Syria conflict

Regime's coordination with Islamic State against other rebel groups obligates Western, Arab anti-ISIS coalition to revise its strategy.

Abbas attends a meeting of the Central Committee of the PLO in Ramallah, March 4 2015

Israeli intel: Abbas to escalate international efforts

Despaired of Netanyahu's commitment to two states, Palestinian Authority to pursue efforts to undermine Israel at dozens of international organizations, say Israeli intelligence officials.

Channel 10 television cartoon

How Netanyahu took over the communications sector

With one phone call and a stroke of the pen, the prime minister and new communications minister tightened his grip on the country’s television operators in general and its news divisions in particular.

Rabbi Ner-David on Kibbutz Hannaton

A 'trans-denominational' woman rabbi on a mission

In a new book, U.S.-born Haviva Ner-David, the first woman to be publicly ordained an Orthodox rabbi, traces a spiritual journey in which she deconstructs women's mitzvoth before giving them new meaning.