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    • ira berkowitz
    • 13.11.05 | 12:38 (IST)

    sir, we seeem to have had a "disconnect". I never intended to suggest that the vietnamese communist re-education "re-educaton camps" manifested themselves prior to the start of our viet nam experience. i emphatically declare that those dens of horror came into existence following American retirement from the field of battle. I am further saying that we retired because the political will to achieve victory was undermined, at home, by those opposed to war. My point is that those opposed to war were totally convinced of their moral superiority, of their ultimate righteousness. They condemned the USA as being the greatest evil. At the end of the day, when all was said and done, it was the communist totalitarian killers of five million helpless, surrendered people who turned out to be the greatest evil. So, you see, Mr. Levitt, what I wish to convey is that I believe in supporting that which is less flawed. I do not know of any individual or institution, myself included, that is without flaw. I believe that America is decidedly less flawed than those who claim to be victimized by her. I believe that the Western system of market driven capitalism, for whatever it's flaws, is vastly superior to available alternative systems of resource and wealth management. I believe that Israel, is far less flawed than the Arab and Islamic world that refuses even to acknowledge, during the last sixty eight years (start with the Arab rejection of the Peel Commission of 1937) that the Jewish people, yourself included, deserve a tiny piece of earth, where they can live and work and be Jewish. Imagine the chutzpah of these Arabs who declare, that because they invaded. in the 7th century from the Arabian peninsula, and stole not only Israel, but also all of North Africa, and most of the Middle east, and half of Western Europe, that those lands they stole are now rightfully theirs for all eternity? How they get a free pass from a large part of the Western intelligentsia eludes all logic. Sometimes, sir, there is no alternative but to fight. I am very proud of Israel, that she knows how to defend herself. Israel believes that those who won't defend themselves do not deserve freedom. We need not shed tears that we know how to defend ourselves.

    from the article: Analysis / Fold up the road map
    First published 00:00 11.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 11.11.05
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