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    • johanes franzen
    • 03.05.05 | 16:48 (IDT)

    I have noticed that most right wingers haven't got a clue and seem to have been fead Hasbara news from birth. -"University History - Chronological Year Event 1924 Birzeit established as an elementary school by Nabiha Nasir (1891-1951) 1953 Birzeit offers first-year university-level courses in Arts and Science 1961 Birzeit College offers second-year university level courses in Arts and Science 1962 Birzeit grants associate degrees upon completion of the two-year courses, enabling students to transfer to other universities in the Arab world and elsewhere. 1961-1967 Birzeit gradually eliminates its elementary, preparatory and high school program and by 1967 limits its scope to first and second year college level programs. 1972 Birzeit College launches a four-year program leading to Bachelors' degrees in Arts and Sciences. 1973 An autonomous Board of Trustees is formed to assume full responsibility for the Institution 1973 Israel closed the campus by military order for two weeks. This was the first of many repressive measures against the University community. 1975 Birzeit College changes its name and becomes "Birzeit University" 1976 Birzeit University is accepted in April as a member of the Association of Arab Universities 1976 Birzeit University holds its first graduation ceremony with a bachelor's degree on July 11, 1976. 1977 Birzeit University is accepted as a member of the International Association of Universities 1977 The first graduate programs are developed at Birzeit University 1978 Faculty of Commerce and Economics is established 1979 The Faculty of Engineering is established 1988 The University is closed for the 15th and what would prove to be the last time on January 8th. The closure lasts for 51 months till April 29th 1992. During this prolonged period of closure, the University continued to operate underground with small study groups in makeshift arrangements outside the campus. Under such conditions, many students needed as long as 10 years to complete their four-year degree courses. 1995 Faculty of Graduate Studies is established"

    from the article: Boycott Ariel college
    First published 00:00 03.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 03.05.05
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Palestinian protesters clashes Betunia West Bank tear gas

Mideast Quartet to give recommendations on de-escalation, two-state solution

Meeting at the Munich Security Conference, members of the Quartet emphasize that the status quo cannot continue and urge for steps to a two-state reality.

Jordan King Abdullah
Ya'alon meets with Jordan's Abdullah, first official encounter in over a year

The defense minister talks with the king of Jordan at the Munich Security Conference about Middle East developments and possibilities of advancing the peace process.

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Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid at a Knesset party meeting, December 2015
Lapid secretly extends term as Yesh Atid leader for up to 7 more years

The MK and former finance minister, who founded his party in 2012, will be in charge until end of the next Knesset, which is potentially 2023.

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Volunteers in Ma'alot, the 1970s.

Operation octogenarian

In 1969, veterans of the Haganah, Irgun and WWII were asked to help defend the northern communities. The media described a giant success, but archives show they were mostly asked to help with the harvest.