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    • Ruth
    • 11.12.05 | 19:16 (IST)

    how truly disappointing that an "observer" such as yourself should have such a one-sided view of the israeli-palestinian conflict. when you say that the "israelis have no intention whatsoever of honoring the road map," are you aware that the very first palestinian duty, according to the precious road map, is to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure? are you also aware that abu mazen (abbas) has stated on numerous occasions that he will NOT even attempt to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, since he does not want to start a "civil war?" so how do you think israel should handle this? keep up their side, let the palestinian terrorists take positions of power, even get elected to government (!!), and turn the other cheek the next time they decide to blow up schoolchildren on the bus to school or teenagers going to hang out with their friends at the mall?! wake up and smell the coffee. and as "the watcher" said in no.12, "There used to be a time [pre 67] without occupation but with Terrorists and dead Israelis..." what you, and most of the world cannot manage to see, is that the Palestinians, like most of the Arab world, want the destruction of ISRAEL, not the end of the occupation. from the moment the state of israel was declared in 1947, they were determined to wipe it off the map. this has not changed today, as we recently heard from the iranian president. as soon as israel "disengages" from all the occupied territories, they will STILL continue with the terror. did you know that in palestinian school books for young children, they teach them that israeli cities such as haifa were also part of their "palestine?" they are breeding new generations of children growing up to believe that the whole of the State of Israel (a tiny speck in the Middle East and Gulf region - have you ever looked at it on a map?) belongs to them and that they should fight a jihad to get it back. the violence will never end until the arabs succeed in destroying Israel, the only country in the world where Jews can live without fear of discrimination, intolerance and persecution based on their religion.

    from the article: The safe passage: The history of a farce
    First published 00:00 11.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 11.12.05
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