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    • Ross
    • 13.10.10 | 02:28 (IST)

    • Accords thinking. Even Bill Clinton admitted that he felt that Arafat had hoodwinked him, but his wife Hillary - an unprecedently weak Secretary of State - seems to have lost her mind following her mentor BHO, who is totally out of reality as concerns the Middle East. For BHO, Oslo never happened. Agreements were never broken. The Palestinians crave for peace. He cannot understand the Palestiniam psychology. Without the Arab-Israel dispute, the Palestinian leadership would have no reason for existance. Living on this dispute and millions of dollars of international aid money is their very livelihood. Poor BHO, an utter ignoramus in geopolitics with an incredibly parochial mindset, cannot seem to understand even the basics that lie behind this dispute. Palestinian leadership cultivate self-victimization and expect the West to serve them Israel on a platter, Short of this, they are happy to continue living on the aid money, building villas on the French Riviera and stashing money in Swiss bank accounts, Their people they use as hostages and cannon fodder. They are totally protected by the political correct of any criticism, which would be immediate labelled as 'racism'. This allows them literally to get away with murder gaming the West and Western media. BHO naively thinks that by muscling the Israeli's with a phoney, trumped up dispute that somehow he is going to achieve peace in the ME. Very pathetic..... Most of the Arab world see the Palestinian leadership as it really is since they have been footing many of the bills for years. BHO is sending the unintended signal to them that he is weak, foolish and not to be trusted. He shows that he ready even to sell out his allies for political glory. Examples are the Israelis and the pro-Western faction in Lebanon in hopes of being popular with those traditionally hostile to the US.. Any thinking person in the Arab world, should be worried about this and running to Iran for cover. • There will be Peace with the Arabs when they Accept a NON Muslim nation as their neighbour.

    from the article: U.S.: We want clear path, not two-month delay of peace process deadlock
    First published 21:26 12.10.10 | Last updated 21:26 12.10.10
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