To any objective analysis, there is only one reason for the failure ofnegotiations, and the cure is to recognize that Oslo was a fraud, and remove the PLO terrorist group from the equation - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Dr. L. Brnd
    • 19.12.10 | 10:21 (IST)

    Since Oslo was signed by Israel's goo-goo eyed Left 17 years ago, there have been a succession of governments and Israeli negotiating teams, 6 in all, from the Left (Barak) to the center (Kadima) to the Right. The PLO negotiating team has had the same members, UNCHANGED, for 17 years, Abbas, Erekat and Qurei, along with Arafat - and a "negotiating position that has not movedtoward compromise, but away from it, hardening their position everytime they get something, then asking for something more (without giving a single thing in return) - the demand for a "settlement construction freeze", even in areas everybody knows will stay with Israel, is but one example. Israel's trail of withdrawing from Gaza resulted in instaneous take-over of the anti-peace Hamas and massive rocket war and arms smuggling. Undeniable proof that the Arabs don't want "land-for-Peace", they just want "land-for-terrorism springboard". Abbas, having repeatedly refused to negotiate and sabotaged negotiations with one pre-copndition after another, now announces that "unilateral declaration of independence", without recognizing Israel or negotiating a lasting peace (The PLO and Abbas now says they will no neither). It is obvious that the PLO never intended to recognize Israel and make peace with it. They want "land-for-Nothing. Oslo was a fraud, a scam, which the arrogant old fool Peres fell for. The correct next step for Israel is to forceably deport Abbas and the PLO back to Tunis, dismantle the PA, turn the clock back to1992, and start over with the original Oslo vision - NO Palestinian state until they demonstrate a willingness and ability to live in peace with Israel . Recall that THIS was the original Oslo ground rules the PLO signed,and that Saint Yitzhak The First was fiercely opposed to any PLO state, only an "autonomous entity" until they proved they had abandoned rejection of recognizing a Jewish neighbor.

    from the article: Where is Obama's Plan B for Mideast peace?
    First published 01:39 19.12.10 | Last updated 01:39 19.12.10
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