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    • Alex
    • 07.05.05 | 19:38 (IDT)

    there are barely any jews in syria. Their numbers would definitely not be more than a thousand. In the 1990's there was a campaign to pressure Syria to let its jewish community to emigrate; members of jewish community were virtual slaves in syria; they were constantly followed, were tracked by the security services and whenever there were any journalists to meet with them, there were "minders" that were close by. Jews in Yemen pay protection "fees" to local sheiks. There was an article in Jerusalem Report, a left-leaning jewish magazine a few years back. Angela, you have it wrong - there was public hanging in Baghdad of prominnent jewish figures, there was constant harassment of jews in the country. You should research this a bit more - you'll find enough information on that. 1 million of jews from arab countries did not just get up and leave for no reason, leaving behind all their posessions. Pollard is not the only spy from a friendly country that was imprisoned in the US. Spy is a spy and I don't condone his actions, myself being a patriotic US citizen. What is troubling is that the state seems to have promised Pollard leniency in response to his plea; plea bargain terms were not respected and he got by far the harshest penalty - on par with spies from Soviet Union and other unfriendly regimes. I won't mention the fact that I've seen often in the media - namely that he (Pollard) delivered his israeli handlers documents that were supposed to be shared with the israelis in any case, under an intelligence-sharing agreement. I will also add, that there is no doubt that the US also spies on Israel and other friendly countries. It's just that with our country being a Goliath and Israel being a tiny David, they would never be able to afford to publicize any instance of us spying on them even if they uncovered our agents. You should read some quotes in earlier posts regarding palestinians flight during the war of independence. Moreover Angela - in wars, people fight, civilians flee and villages are abandoned. That's what has happened in EVERY WAR. Blaming Israelis who lost 1 percent of their population during the war of independence for the flight of the inhabitants of palestinian villages is ridiculous. War, unfortunately is War.

    from the article: Does Israel want peace?
    First published 00:00 06.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.05.05
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