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    • Ernst
    • 16.08.05 | 16:36 (IDT)

    Dear BM, Of course Israel will do what is best for Israel and the Jewish people, that is your democratic right. But tell me, what is best for Israel? Putting a piece of cloth in blue and white colors hanging over a square that you never intend to visit anyway? Israeli soldiers patrolling East Jerusalem streets where no other Israeli lives? East Jerusalem is exactly the same as Gaza: it?s Palestinian and will stay that way unless you steal those lands, too! Actually, most Jewish East Jerusalem neighborhoods have been built on expropriated Palestinian land. Is that your way of behaving fairly? Is that an acceptable consequence of your religion? Is it so strange that Palestinians and most of the world consider that state organized theft? So, if you think theft of land, soldiers patrolling Palestinian streets, pushing out Palestinians and moving in Jews is acceptable for your religious/nationalist desires, then go ahead. But to me it looks more that you?ve become a criminal and your religion/nationalism stinks. It makes you a zealot, a fanatic who is willing to destroy more then to build. Religious righteousness should be about justice, the law (=HaTorah), treating the other they way you wish others treat you and the way that you hope will become eternal law (the categorical imperative by Emmanuel Kant) and not about the color of a flag hanging over a specific city square, nor the ethnic identity of a specific neighborhood. Not long ago most Israelis said ?it wont change beyond the above?, but it did change: First the Palestinians didn?t exist, then they did, first the PLO was a terrorist organization, then Israel made a treaty with it, first Israel wouldn?t leave Sinai, or Lebanon, or Gaza. Now it did. So BM, get used to things changing: as certain as you are now, please print your contribution #22 and store it well in a file. In ten years time read it again and you?ll be shocked about all the changes that you thought were never possible and smile about your naïve remarks of the 16th of august 2005.

    from the article: Misuse of the army
    First published 00:00 16.08.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.08.05
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a tunnel near the Gaza border, May 3, 2016.
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