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    • Chafeeka
    • 12.09.10 | 07:54 (IST)

    Gideon Levy never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity and not mention the other side that gets sponsored I mean On The LeFT. here we go to balance your remarks at least, the individuals didnt wish or try to bring harm to Israel and its people look at what the LEFT plays with, after you read my post, you wont be sticking your chest out in pride George Soros’ obsession with making Judea and Samaria Judenrein (Jew-free) has its roots in his experience as a Nazi collaborator in Hungary. This is not a baseless accusation, but is admitted to by Soros himself. While it might be understandable that Soros did what was necessary to survive, it is not understandable that he shows no remorse for his actions. Worse, he and his present-day J Street collaborators intend to redefine Jewish identity, removing the central importance of Eretz HaQodesh and reducing Judaism to nothing but another culture with no more value than any other culture. NEW YORK / JERUSALEM, 6 September 2007 – The Ford Foundation today announced a $20 million grant to extend its partnership with the New Israel Fund to support civil society, human rights and social justice organizations in Israel. The partnership was launched in 2003 with an initial Ford grant of $20 million. Ford was particularly fond of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He was unabashedly pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi. That being the case, perhaps it is not so surprising that the main source of financing for leftist sedition and for groups seeking to undermine Israel's determination to resist and survive is the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation has long been financing anti-Zionist groups of leftist Jews and Israelis, tiny groups that would be invisible without the Ford megabucks being poured into them. These are groups who would otherwise be unable to get their membership lists up into three digits or to attract any bona fide Jewish support. The Ford Foundation was taken over a few years back in a leftist coup and, ever since, its funds have been used to finance the Far Left Ford steps in where even George Soros fears to tread. Among other things, Ford currently funds the pro-terror jihadis in the Council for American Islamic Relations. It pumps oodles of dollars into PLO advocacy groups. It has never met an anti-American far-leftist it does not wish to finance. The main Jewish anti-Zionist leftist recipient of Ford Foundation wampum is the New Israel Fund, a group devoted to promoting the political agenda of Tikkun magazine. Ford just handed it a cool $20 million, on top of lots of previous funding. Without Ford, the New Israel Fund could not afford a felafel. Some of New Israel Fund's activities are harmless political correctness and wackiness. The NIF funds Jewish homosexual groups, Jewish "pluralism" groups, Israeli environmental groups, feminist groups and so on. But it also funnels its funds into microscopic Israeli communist front organizations and "peace groups" in Israel, starting with the pro-terror MachsomWatch. The New Israel Fund reportedly is covering the legal costs for arch-murderer Marwan Barghouti. It is so anti-Israel that the UN endorses it. NGO-Monitor, for instance, has a detailed report on the New Israel Fund. And NIF people are up to their keffiyas in bed with Azmi Bishara, the treasonous Israeli Knesset Member wanted for espionage. All these leftys anti semites fund the BDS and boycotts of our universities and cultural events. About 10 years back, the New Israel Fund managed to hornswoggle the Smithsonian Institute into letting it organize festivities to mark Israel's 50th anniversary as an independent state. And who do you think the NIF decided should represent Israel? None other than Bishara, of course. Just a Jewish anti-Zionist leftist recipient of Ford Foundation wampum is the New Israel Fund. The "New Israel" that the New Israel Fund seeks to erect is, in fact, Palestine. Its agenda differs little from that of Israel's own communist party. Among the major beneficiaries of NIF grants are the Arab Association for Human Rights, Hamoked, I'lam, Adalah, Ittijah, the Ahali Center for Community Development, the Arab Association of Human Rights, and Mossawa. Each is essentially an anti-Israel propaganda organization. It turns out bash-Israel propaganda for a variety of international organizations and is an apologist for the Hamas. Happy Reading Gideon Levy

    from the article: Time for disengagement
    First published 00:45 12.09.10 | Last updated 00:45 12.09.10
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