This speech was about getting Congress on our side because the arabs have Obama on theirs - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 25.05.11 | 08:18 (IDT)

    When Netanyahu was making his speech he was not so much there to get US support for all the things he said but to just get general congressional support so he can use them to pressure Obama. Bibi wants to make sure Obama honours Bushes letter promising Israel can keep settlement blocks etc, he also wants at least an Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley. So far Obama's attitude has been totally one sided in favor of the palestinians and Bibi is hoping to gain leverage over Obama through Congress. Bibi wants to get a deal based on whats best for Israel, he is not looking for a FAIR solution. if we were worried about whats fair we would have gone with the UN proposed borders from 1947 which would have given the arabs 45% of mandate Palestine rather than the 22% they would get if Israel withdrew fully to the 1949 ceasefire lines. Bibi is RIGHTLY trying to gain as much for Israel as possible because he was elected to represent Israel's interests not palestinian ones. He can't appeal to Obama because he hates us and always has. If Bibi can get Congress on his side he thinks he can use it as leverage against Obama, get him to honour the letter Bush gave Sharon guaranteeing Israel keep the settlement blocks etc. Something Obama has so far refused to do. The arab plan was rejected from the start by both the right and the left in Israel because it was based on take it or leave it but no negotiation. The terms were not satisfactory to Israel so we left it. Every single senior Israeli politician has said that they like some aspects but not others and they want the bits they do like negotiated into any treaty and they rest of it dumped. As for resolution 194 that was rejected the day is was drafted in 1949 so what it there to discuss on that one? Bibi was not just trying to get Congress to support him on the so called peace process but he knows that at least some of those Congressmen whose support he is trying to gain will be there for many many years to come and he wants to get as many of them to support Israel now while he has a chance because it makes it much easier to lobby Congress on other issues in future.... This is international politics so you don't take notice of everything that was said word for word.

    from the article: Netanyahu has declared himself ready to challenge Obama
    First published 00:57 25.05.11 | Last updated 00:57 25.05.11
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