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Hamas, Iran, IS, and a finger in Obama's eye

At the UN, Israel's no. 1 explainer debunked Abbas' 'genocide' comments and threw a dry bone to the Arab world. And don't forget the gimmick.

The real lesson of Amira Hass' ejection from Birzeit

The immoral and racist ban shows how Palestinian universities are intellectually straitjacketing their students.

A protest held in Haifa against the Israeli operation in Gaza, July 19, 2014.
Israel really hasn’t silenced dissent

A New York Times op-ed suggests that a right-wing cabal has shut us Israeli leftists up, and we can do little do about it. But we haven’t been silenced. We've just failed to make our case.

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Israel’s most beautiful vineyard

Will a world-renowned flying winemaker from France give Amphorae Winery some Bordeaux-style elegance? We’ll find out when we taste the wines from the next vintage.