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    • Karoon Aganemnon Morgandine Justified
    • 26.12.11 | 17:58 (IST)

    Since it is a new year and we need to address new issues I am going to changed something first. The new Alexandria Library I am asking you expand and make in several nations along with adding links so that all schools and colleges can link like Lexus Nexus library. Can we do this with a link direct to the world of what is there and can it be updated everyday. All music in the world along with everything that is created or has been and able to link to with computer as well. Thank you for this. First Merry Christmas-we had a wonderful Christmas and shared it with my family. We do very intimate get togethers not large parties. So I was given a timeline of the world book and I am going to review this year with history. So I will list someone or an event and you will expand on it and we will see if it helps modern day at all or just a nice thing to know. 1853 Brazil bans importation of slaves. Brazil imported 40 percent of th e11 million slaves from Africa. 1857 steam drivin tractors invented 1856 Opium wars France and Britian tried to stop the illegal trade of opium. My idea is what if we legalize opium and monitor it absolute then we know who purchases it from pharmacy and legal laws. Also driving while intoxicated is illegal. I think this will stop the illegal version just like when they legalized abortion the computer system tells the world where they had it when and who the father is and how many they have had. Anywhere in the world. I still say it is murder unless a child who has been raped and is to little to carry a child. Then it is not murder. Place tax on it so there is municipal resource and education in schools like stop drugs and alcohol addictions taught in middle school. 1854 Phillip Morris cigarettes ( I am allergic to cigarettes but others enjoy and I think cigarette private bars are just fine as long as they are stated for private clubs only) 1856 Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid issues a reform Hatti-i Humanyun proclaimed the equality of all citizens under the law and grants civil and political rights to Christians 1857 Indian Mutiny Hindus and Muslim cannot touch pig or cow lard or anything to do with them. We need to address this still in the world. 1859 Red Cross started by Henri Dunant Canadian Mounties are very trained and some need to imulate them as they are a standard above in the world. 1871 Emperor Meijis tried to westernize Japan. I think old tradition to the future is a good mix but the truth of Japan is the soul of the dragon that rumbles from the past to the present. I like the Samurai and the truth of the discipline of the houses. The picutre of the House of the Running Bulls is fantastic. WE are the House of Dragon Sweeps one of them. I wish all the real houses were shown and who they are in the world somehow showing the tradition that has been hidden and secured forever in the heart of the young. I think the lost arts need secured in truth of Japan and recreation of the Samurai Houses as well. Just an idea. 1877 Samurai uprising Saigao Takemori 1858 Macy Store Ladies Mile New York Karoon Aganemnon Morgandine Justified Empress Kiaini Karen Marie

    from the article: Iran Defense Minister: Israeli strike would be a suicide mission
    First published 10:28 26.12.11 | Last updated 10:28 26.12.11
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