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    • ussishkin
    • 21.03.11 | 13:39 (IST)

    Let's not forget that this is one of the most xenophobic governments we ever had and competent only in whipping up national paranoia. Those who promote legislation designed to keep rural communities "Arab-rein" and want o have a slide scale of how Zionist this or that body or individual are, are not capable of understanding the qualms and anxieties of another generation of Diaspora Jews for current Israeli government policies. They still live in the age when Diaspora Israel relations were symbolised by the Diaspora at the top of a vast money chute with Israel at the other end collecting the cash and no questions asked. There is a wave of change sweeping the Diaspora, not just in the USA where it counts the most for Israel. J Street symbolises a new relationship with Israel which allows for open challenges to Israeli policies and actions and as the generation shift continues and money gets tighter, more young Jews who will be asked to donate their hard earned money to Israel will demand the right to know whether everything is OK with the Jewish State which needs their money and their spiritual support more than ever. There is too much to ignore that is not right with the Jewish State and increasing numbers of young Diaspora Jews whilst still loving Israel are deeply disconcerted by its current stances on so many issues. What measure will the Knesset apply to J Street - whether it is Zionist or not? It is overtly Zionist. Whether it is pro-Israel, when every action it has taken has been supportive of and not detracting from its will to see a continued strong and safe Jewish state in existence? And when it comes to being pro-Peace, this Knesset and this government are really not in a position to judge, having failed patently and consistently to reach a settlement with the Palestinians, wishing instead to promote the status quo of the occupation. There are many things wrong in the Jewish state and if our best friends who love us can't tell us about them, we are in even worse trouble.

    from the article: Knesset set to vote on law to determine if a group is 'pro-Israel'
    First published 02:27 21.03.11 | Last updated 02:27 21.03.11
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