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    • Peace Shalom Pax Salam
    • 08.10.12 | 01:37 (IST)

    The poster is anti-Muslim because it misrepresents "Jihad" as having only one meaning (ie. "Holy war"). Islam is then mischaracterised as being that mischaracterised definition of Jihad. So by implication, Muslims in general, not Muslim extremists, are the "savages" referred to in the poster. "Jihad" simply means "struggle". First and foremost, a Muslim's "personal internal struggle" to live out the Muslim faith as well as possible. Secondly, it also mean the "struggle" to build a good, peaceful and cohesive Muslim society. And lastly, it can mean "armed struggle" or what is deemed a holy war: but even then it refers to the struggle to "defend" Islam, with force only if necessary. These precepts exist also in Judaism. In fact, they are miztvot. It would be equally anti-Semitic to put up a poster in the Subway saying: "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Lebanon. Defeat Mitzvah." That would be to mischaracterise a mitzvah as concerning only a holy war (and even then, only as an offensive, not defensive war), and by implication Judaism as an offensive holy war, and Jews in general as savages. But this is despite the fact that there are hundreds of mitzvot, only some of which represent the concept of a holy war (defensive, just as in Islam). This hypothetical poster would be anti-Semitic just as the poster in the subway is anti-Muslim. The proof is in their choice of word. Why not just say "Defeat Holy War" so that it applied to everyone; to the savages within every religious group. But the fact of the matter is that they chose an Arabic term, and mischaracterised it, to scaremonger and vilify Islam and Muslims in general, just as choosing a Hebrew word (mitzvah), and mischaracterising it, could be used to scaremonger and vilify Judaism and Jews in general. In fact, if the lawyers of the group trying to prevent the initial posters going up, had instead argued the flawed straw-man logic of the poster, and mischaracterisation for the purpose of vilification, I believe they would have won their case. The Jewish group and Christian group who set up the competing posters acknowledge that deliberate flawed straw-man logic in Jewish extremist Pamela Geller's original posters. I congratulate them.

    from the article: Jewish, Christian groups urge tolerance toward Muslims in New York subway ads
    First published 18:48 07.10.12 | Last updated 18:48 07.10.12
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