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    • Karoon 1st entry
    • 20.07.10 | 20:18 (IDT)

    this is very true as I apologize for the misspelled and super fast type ins again let the students catch the mistakes of karoon. I run out of time per day. We have a situation to expand the worlds knowledge and to some even touching someones left hand is an insult . We have over 1000 historical religious sights that the world wants to just know or to glance at for educational ideals. this is just to even allow for future peace. I know you want alot of things kept sacred but really at this time we need to open the world to sharing a little more. There have been two generations in some countries who just sat in front of televisions and then some who starved to death who just now found out what a projector is. How do they know what being JEW or Muslim is? There has been no example the father, mother, grandmother, sister, brother died leaving them a lone. Yes security to protect old sites is absolute but what about a shepherd boy who gets to see the Temple Mount once in his life and goes on to tell generations in the Mountains about it. What about the one kids who sees a gun but got to see WALLE on a sheet on poles one time that being the only movie ever seen. Do you understand there are people still out there. We have people in Israel who still put moth balls over the 5 week old baby girl private area to ward off evil spirits and to stop the man from having her at age 15. Although the baby is burned and squalls and poisioned by the moth ball. Now has a hernia and a burn mark from crying so hard. Dehydrated and now affects brain capability. You have another person who saw my daughter jumping and playing and said she was so hyper must be out of control but where we live on a farm squeals and ideals are normal. The woman said she was wild because she asked questions and was excited about life while playing with her bunny rabbit. The other child mind traumaed do to the fact they always had to be quiet and not make a noise because of drawing war attacks or to much attention. Safety zone ideas change with war and continued war. Expressiveness and cheerleading go hand in hand. So a passive child seeing another child doing face freeze moments or being excited might think that odd so would the parent. We need ideals shared so not everyone or thing seems odd. Knowledge is power but it can also corrupt. We need to be careful not allow graffiti and we need to keep things aligned. Karoon 1st entry

    from the article: Likud lawmaker: Jews should be allowed freer access to Temple Mount
    First published 19:22 20.07.10 | Last updated 19:22 20.07.10
Haaretz Headlines
Berjas Aweidat.

Syria frees Druze man from Israeli-controlled Golan Heights after 13 years in jail

An Israeli lawmaker claims Berjas Aweidat, who disappeared in Damascus in 2003, was held for allegedly spying for Israel.

A demonstration demanding the release of Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq (portrait).
Israel holding 10 Palestinian journalists, six of them without charges

Six of the journalists are being held in administrative detention; Shin Bet says all are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity or organizations.

12:06 03.05.16 | 3 comments
Palestinians say talks frozen with Israel over reducing IDF presence in West Bank cities

PLO's Saeb Erekat says talks have ground to a halt due to Israel's rejection of Palestinian requests to resume full security duties in Area A.

15:16 03.05.16 | 0 comments
Taylor Force, the U.S. citizen killed on the March 9, 2015 terror attack in Jaffa.
Israeli police arrest East Jerusalem man suspected of aiding murder of U.S. tourist Taylor Force

The 30-year-old man is suspected of manslaughter, conspiracy and transporting terrorist who killed student Taylor Force in March.

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