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    • Avirab
    • 25.10.10 | 12:31 (IST)

    It would be great is there was real peace and on both sides school children would learn about the other side's version of events. But at the moment, it is clear that the Arab/Moslem world, and the Palestinians among them, do not accept the Jews as having come form the Middle East and so they are implacably opposed to a peace deal that leaves Israel as a Jewish state- instead it will eventually become Palestinian due to the refugee return, the high birth rate of the one million Palestinian citizens of Israel, and their marriage to Palestinians from the West Bank, turning them into Israeli citizens. As the New York Times points out in a front page article today, the more that Netanyahu pushes recognition of Israel as Jewish, the more the Palestinian peace negotiators oppose it. The article reports them as making statements that to me simply prove that they do not in fact accept that Israel will be a Jewish country after full implementation of the 'peace' agreement they have in mind. They claim also that if Israel were a Jewish state it would impact the rights of the Palestinians who are citizens - do they therefore admit that in all Arab/Moslem countries which are defined as Arab or Moslem states officially that the Jews there had fewer rights? Indeed most of those Jews fled years ago and became refugees settle in Israel. All the supposed peace plans of both Israel and the Palestinians are nonsense - Foreign Minister Lieberman's plan is the only viable one: divide the combined area of the West Bank and Israel into two states: an Arab state with all the Arabs, and a Jewish state with all the Jews, creating a Jewish state that is 98% Jewish and a Palestinian state that is 98% Arab. The transfer of sovereignty of particular pieces of land from Israel to the Palestinians (Arab cities in the "Triangle" and Galilee, Bedouin cities in the Negev) would be gradual, over a period of years, with EU, US and Gulf state assistance, and for every amount of area transferred, an equal area of land would be annexed from the Biblical heartland areas with many Jews. The half a million Jews (and their millions of descendants) who fled as refugees from Arab lands would be compensated by the Arabs for their losses, and the half million Palestinians who fled land that would be in the Jewish state (and their millions of descendants) would be compensated for their losses.

    from the article: History students fight to use textbook presenting both Israeli and Palestinian narratives
    First published 00:55 25.10.10 | Last updated 00:55 25.10.10
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