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    • zionist forever
    • 22.04.13 | 20:08 (IDT)

    Buying tankers ( ex USAF Boeing 707s which are long overdue for retirement ). The US has refused to sell Israel tankers in the past but Israel has tankers already based on conversions of civilian planes so why do we need old tankers? The V22 has limited uses for Israel because the country is so tiny. We can transport the same amount of goods from one end of the country to the other if we bought the new Super Sea Stallion helicopter ( the original Sea Stallion forms the backbone of the transport helicopter fleet anyway and some are in need of replacement ) A transport helicopter is also cheaper than a V22. When attacking Iran still its uses are minimal, it might be possible to use for pilot rescue because it has greater range than a helicopter but its still not a stealth aircraft so rescuing a downed pilot could cost us more soldiers than we already lost. Better off leasing a US V22, cheaper than buying and once its in action with the IAF let us see then how useful it is in action it is for our needs. If there is an attack on Iran it doesn't matter what aircraft Israel has because it will be the Americans who will do the job. Fact is we have played the diplomatic games for so long now Ira has developed air defenses that only the US and their stealth bombers can defeat. Its also a fact Iran has said they see Israel and the US as 2 sides of the same coin and if Israel attacks Iran will not only fire on Israel but also US assets in the Gulf and vise versa. Politically Obama cannot afford to carry out another military campaign so he would never get permission so instead use the back door. Israel hits first, Iran retaliates against Israel and the US which is a formal declaration of war so Obama sends in the bombers and destroys not only all Irans nuclear sites but also its missis storage and construction sites to limit their ability to retaliate. Probably also sink their ships make it harder for them to blockade the Straits of Hormuz as they keep threateing to do and by the time the US is finished bombing Iran ( no ground war ) Iran won't be a threat to anybody for a long time.

    from the article: U.S. finalizes exclusive arms sale aimed at ensuring Israel's 'air superiority'
    First published 15:41 22.04.13 | Last updated 11:14 22.04.13
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