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    • eric
    • 09.01.10 | 10:58 (IST)

    hamas is a chain around the neck of the palestinian people. the majority of gazans are NOT too keen on it, and its popularity, for the most part, has been dependent on israeli military. it won the last elections while riding a peak caused by sharon's military incursions into the territories(with the help of bad election strategy by fatah). but during the israel's self-imposed restraint following its withdrawal from gaza, hamas' popularity plummetted as it continued firing rockets into israel. and today, hamas would not likely win any majority in a free election. hamas is not good for the palestinian people, which is why i'm totally against it. but it's unfortunate, because it does has many positive aspects which are overshadowed by its militant and religious extremism. for hamas to be an asset to the palestinians, it needs to ditch its extremist philosophies, revise its charter to reflect a recognition of israel, and redirect its primary focus to the success and advancement of a unified palestinian state and its "people". otherwise, it will remain the pestilent obstacle to their aspirations and prosperity that it now represents. this is something to which many pro-palestinian advocates seem oblivious. hamas' endeavors will NEVER see fruition, and they will only bring more hardship, constraints, and loss of opportunity. hamas will NEVER defeat israel; nor is israel ever going to pack up and leave. it's NOT going away, bottom line. hamas needs to accept that fact(and israel), then direct its efforts towards the attainable goal of a palestinian state within the more widely accepted borders of the pre-1967 armistice lines. but as it is, lending one's support to the palestinians via hamas, is like blowing air into a broken balloon; you might make some squeaking and rattling noises, but the balloon is NOT going to inflate. i'm glad to see that maybe a few eyes have been opened to the true nature of hamas, and i sincerely hope they realize it does NOT represent that of the great majority of palestinians. the palestinian people and their aspirations remain worthy of their advocacy.

    from the article: Pro-Gaza activists under siege - imposed by Egypt and Hamas
    First published 21:51 07.01.10 | Last updated 12:56 08.01.10
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