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Clinton in Hanover, New Hampshire, July 3, 2015.

Clinton 'alarmed' over calls for Israel boycott

In a letter to Israeli-American businessman and donor Haim Saban, Democratic presidential front-runner urges bi-partisan action to counter attempts to 'delegitimize Israel.'

Palestinian girl stands near residential buildings that witnesses said were damaged by Israel.

Life in the ruins of post-war Gaza

SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: It was a hardscrabble existence in Gaza even before last summer’s war.

Oren. In his book, Israel has little power over its destiny.

Michael Oren’s ‘Ally’ – a profoundly un-Zionist book

The memoir by the former Israeli envoy to the United States presents an Israel seeking only to survive crises that – in his telling – it had no part in creating.

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, June 28, 2015.

Dreaming big after the Supreme Court decision

After the historic same-sex marriage decision, U.S. LGBT Jewish leaders weigh in on the next ostensibly impossible goal.