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    • M. Davison
    • 12.01.14 | 09:03 (IST)

    But without much substance based on medicine or science. Most studies on the level of sexual pleasure and/or function have either not been conclusive or have been discarded as flawed due to methodology, sample size or biased manipulation of data to prove a point decided upon in advance. I have yet to see ANY references by "intactivists" (as they call themselves) to valid, verified, peer-reviewed studies that are repeatable and statistically justifiable. Apparently the good doctor missed the fact that the studies quoting men circumcised as adults actually average out at about 50-50... in some studies the men claim better sex before circumcision, while in a more or less equal number of studies, the men claim better sex after circumcision-- each interested party will often ignore the studies that don't agree with their own opinions... I've never seen an "intactivist" admit that even ONE study had results contradicting their claims of greater sexual pleasure for uncircumcised men. I remember getting my foot urinated on in summer camp or school locker room toilets by boys who had no idea they should retract the foreskin before urinating, letting the stream fly off in whatever direction the random folds created an opening in. A study conducted in Britain discovered that of more than 500 uncircumcised British soldiers, fewer than 10% knew that the foreskin should be retracted prior to urination. "Osmond reports 14% of 718 uncircumcised British soldiers had foreskins which could not be retracted. He writes "The ignorance of these young soldiers is remarkable; many of them expressed surprise at the condition revealed when they retracted their foreskins : some of them had apparently never done so in their lives." That to me is far more disgusting than the idea of circumcision... and if I were a woman, I would be highly reluctant to have oral sex with a person that doesn't retract the foreskin before urinating. Anecdotally, more women have told me they prefer sex with a circumcised man to sex with an uncircumcised one... but that's just a personal observation with no scientific validity... even if it is interesting.

    from the article: A case for Jewish circumcision
    First published 23:33 09.01.14 | Last updated 23:33 09.01.14
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