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    • zioninst forever
    • 17.01.11 | 21:44 (IST)

    So 20,000 leftists turned out at a protest big deal the right wing could have double that number very easily just so happens it was the left holding the protest and when the right has theirs and 20,000 turn out the article the next day will be Israel is a lost cause. 1) Liberman got 12.5% of the votes its a hell of alot more than Labor got and polls show if an election was held today Yisrael Beitanu would win even more seats. The reason Kadima is not in the coalition is not because of Liberman its becase 3 times Livni has refused Bibi's offer but Livni wants a government free of Liberman &the religious whilst Bibi wants national unity so that he doesn't end up the only right wing party in a Kadima / Labor coalition. 2) I haven't seen a single bill of Libermans thats anti democratic. Contreversial yes anti democratic no. The bill calling for investigating finances of NGOS is good for democracy. 3) Barak is the one trying to steer his party towards the centre & he recognised the value of being part of the ocalition rather the opposition. Problem is the bulk of his party want to go back to their parties socialist roots which the public don't want anymore. 4) Abbas & his refusal to negotiate unless Israell meets a hist of pre conditions & Obama's lack of willingness to order Abbas to talk unconditionally is the problem so don't keep blaming Linberman or Bibi everytme there is a problem. Abbas has done the least to make progress since Obama came to power. 5) The hard right rabbis have not lost any credibility. They always have something to say just because they are in the media now doesn't mean they have lost credibility and they still have as much influence amongst the yeshiva students & their supporters as ever. The seculars have never taken much notice of them so nothing has changed on that front 7) The American jews voted for Obama but their ideology is the same as it ever was, nothing has changed in the US. 8) So Barak & Hillary don't get on big deal. Liberman doesn't get on with most foreign leaders but it doesn't change anything at home. 9) The polls are all showing the right would increase their meajority if an election was held today taking seats from Kadima & Labour going to Likud & Yisrael Beatanu. Its the left who are dying and with or without Barak Labor are still going to continue its downward spiral at the next eection they just don't offer the public what they want & in Israel we don't vote individuals we vote party and if a party wants power they need to offer the policy the people want. Since 2000 The right have been offering the public what they wanted. 10) Stuxnet increased tensions between Israel & Iran because whoever is behind it Iran blamed Israel and they are not very happy about it so Stuxnet did not reduce tensions instead it delayed the Iranian nuclear program and Israel will probably continue to use computer viruses and assasinate nuclear scientists until it can convince the US into bombing the Iranian nuclear program out of existance for good. Israel is not a lost cause what is a lost cause is the left who are on the decline. Once Meeretz had about 10-12 Knesset seats & today they are on the verge of extinision. Labor throughout the 90s was the domianant political force today they are the only the fourth largest party and even outside the Knesset the left are on the decline. Face it the left didn't deliver the goods when they had a chance and now the public have decided to let the right try.

    from the article: Think Israel's a lost cause? Ten reasons to think again
    First published 16:29 17.01.11 | Last updated 16:29 17.01.11
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