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    • Sheket!
    • 03.09.10 | 15:36 (IDT)

    Let's try and think out of the box. What's the Highest Interest for both parts if not the fact that consultations last - that is to say the Process itself does not freeze? On the one hand the Right forces in Israel won't allow to prorogue the moratorium or to issue a new freeze. On the other hand the PA Authority won't allow to Peace Process to advance if the freeze of Settlements is not renewed. However there is a contradiction in this view as the PA source you mention has already decided the definition of what the Palestinian State will be : within the borders of 1967 and admitting Jerusalem as its Capital. This is not a good way to start negotiations if you already have decided their final results, isn't? In the same contradictory way it is not possible to start to negotiate with your Partner if you decided already you will not change your plan not to renew the moratorium on Settlements. The situation appears to be blocked once more, and still on the same dead end point. What is different this time? The possibility of a third party namely a NATO interposition force to temper violence attempts from both parts. This is the first point : by accepting the presence of a third force both parts would be assured to see the Peace Process as a continuity. Meanwhile it seems obvious the PM Benjamin Netanyahu will have to work with all Good Will Political Forces in Israel to agree wisely on a prorogation or at least a strong management of the Settlement issue in order to preserve the chances to the Peace Process to last and advance forward -- as much as the Palestinian Authority will have to work to refrain the impulse to quit the Negotiation Table before the term or before any significant progress were made. Israel is able to assemble and activate a Political Force so that the principle of a long lasting freeze of Settlements can be written into the Register of the Laws -- isn't the Knesset's main force always to engage Wisdom and Sage Views in favour of the Highest Interests of the Israeli People? The Palestinian Authority lead by Mr. Mahmoud Abbas is able to find the force to stay at the Negotiation Table the time for Israel to set the question of the Settlements right in order to serve the Peace Process -- isn't its patience now renewed by the International enlightenment of the Peace Process Good enough to support the question to endure the time of its solutions to be found? The Highest Interests of both parts depend on a tight Negotiation about land and Land that is to say concerning technical and Substantial determination of the Sincere Brotherhood and Calm Neighborhood to come between the Two People of the Land of Election. To solve the paradox mentioned at the beginning We should consider the Ending Point of the Negotiation Process : Peace Process Succeeded! Then We have to Reconstruct the Process recessively from this End Towards its Beginning. This is why it is mandatory for both parts to accept to redefine parts of their Political Endorsement in order to make Progress We need to see the Region Prosper Quietly and the world be embellished by a True Success of Humankind.

    from the article: Palestinian source: U.S. pressuring Abbas to continue talks even if settlements expand
    First published 01:57 03.09.10 | Last updated 01:57 03.09.10
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