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    • zionist forever
    • 31.08.10 | 17:00 (IDT)

    Oslo was the worst thing we ever did it has been based on the concept from day 1 of a palestinian state in Judea & Samaria and constantly deadline based. The original oslo agreement was supposed to create the arab sate by 1995. We keep setting deadlines and we keep breaking them and we keep rebranding oslo with new names but its the same thing when you life the cover. We had 2 possible options back then both of which had potential and both more practical. The first would have been the best and thats Jordan the palestinian state. We give Jordan some land ( negotiated between Jordan & Israel ), create an international fund give Jordan a huge pay off and in return they give citizenship to all palestinians who have the option of moving to Jordan or those living in whats now officially Israeli territory whilst they would be encouraged to leave they could stay in Israel as Jordanians and if they want to leave and they own property if they can't find a private buyer the government is obligated to buy them out and the land can be sold to developers to finance the buy out. It means nobody leaves their homes ( jew or arab ), Israel gets land it wants, Amman is Jordans capital so the Jerusalem problem is solved, they all get homes in Jordan so refugee issue solved, Jordan gets rich which is good for its weak economy, palestinians now living under the most liberal easy going arab countries. Everything is done on paper by the politicians and lawyers but very few individuals are directly affected. Sadly now the oslo formula is rooted so deeply in peoples minds we can't sell that idea anymore. The other option would have been get rid of the deadline the goal is to create an arab state in negotiated border it will take as long as it takes to reach an agreement. That way we could have ups and downs but when things stall we know where to pick up from and we don't have to rush forward a bad deal mainly because there is an american president who wants to be the one to say look a deal was reached on my watch. Foreign countries should also stay out of it as much as possible leave the residents of the Middle East to reach an agreement that works in the Middle East. The less outside involvement the better. Doing things this way would have allowed trust to build and for everybody to start looking at this from a realistic rather than idealistic point of view. The palestinians would not be saying here is our list of demands your either agree to every one of them or no deals. What Obama is pushing for now is out of all the proposals we have looked at so far the one least likely to bring peace. The man is insistant that this deal is reached within 1 year ( just before a US election year ). He has even stared talking about the idea of a palestinian state first and peace later. The only thing Obama is interested in is the Obama legacy if he doesn't have an arab state before 2012 then unless he gets reelected there will never be any Obama legacy which will seriously hurt his ego. We need new thinking and I am not talking about a single state to replace Israel.

    from the article: Strenger than Fiction / Peace talks are sure to fail, but what will be the consequences?
    First published 14:52 31.08.10 | Last updated 14:52 31.08.10
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