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    • Dorit
    • 27.06.10 | 22:37 (IDT)

    in Israel thousands of years before the first Arabs (Beduin tribes) arived in there! Also, Arab Palestinians (the real Palestinians resided in Jordan) have NEVER ruled the land of Israel. The name Eretz-Israel was replaced by the name Palestine (and each time returned to be Eretz-Israel) by its conquerors - the Romans, the Ottomans and the British, and each time Jews were expelled to the Diaspora. Yet, many Jews survived those horrors, and remained in Eretz-Israel throughout the centuries, surpassing the Arabs, who initially arrived there as Bedouin tribes, looking for seasonal work. During the British Mandate both Jews and Arabs in Eretz-Israel-Palestine (again, the latter was given by the British) were carrying a Palestinian passport, including my late father and aunt. My mother, who was born in Israel, is already 83, which gives you an idea about the fact that Jewish people kept living there along the years, and Israel was running regular statehood-like life (politics, education, culture etc.) far before it was officially recognized by the world as a state, a date which is considered as the establishment of the State of Israel (in contrast to Erezt-Israel, which means The Land of Israel). The Arabs were given the opportunity for the same thing that is offered to them now - two states side by side (and their side would have been bigger than Israel’s side – The Partition Plan). Israel agreed, but the Arabs wanted it all, as they have always professed they do, and all those huge countries and armies, plus the Arabs in Eretz-Israel-Palestine, waged a war upon Israel, being helped by the British (earlier Israeli brigades helped the latter fight the Nazis, and the British at the same time shot and captured and sent back to camps Jewish holocaust survivors, who tried to get to Israel! The Arabs collaborated with the Nazis). Luckily, Israel has won, otherwise most of us wouldn’t have been among the living (I hope you are not among those who say “I wished”…), because they would have butchered and thrown the Jews to the sea, as promised by their leaders, who urged them to leave, (despite a plea by Israeli leaders, and commanders with megaphones, to stay, because nothing bad would happen to them. Yes, there were a few instances of expulsion), “because we’ll conquer it all for you.” (there is a documentation of that by the Syrian Foreign Minister from 1949, and by [British] The Economist from 1948). All of the wars were enforced on Israel by the Arabs, and the results are known (by the way, neither the Arabs, nor the U.S.A. and others were demanded to give back occupied territories as it’s demanded of Israel, but we all know that Israel is unique as to the hypocritical and biased attitude of the world. And a correction for you: Israel is not occupying the Gaza Strip for five years already!).

    from the article: Israel's chief justice lashes out over illegal West Bank building
    First published 14:43 27.06.10 | Last updated 14:43 27.06.10
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