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    • zionist forever
    • 04.04.11 | 16:04 (IDT)

    IF WE WERE WILLING TO RULE OUT DEFENDING OURSELVES. We pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and between then and Cast Lead in 2008 around 5000 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli's. Is there a law that says that the arabs are allowed to fire as many rockets as they like but its a criminal offense if we eventually say enough is enough and carry out a military operation to do something about it? Gaddafi was dropping bombs on civilians and eventually it was decided to permit the creation of a no fly zone on humanitarian grounds to stop the bombings. Sure Gaddafi's people don't like it but for the Libyan citizens who were getting bombed they are delighted. Hamas are firing rockets at Israeli civilians so Israel goes against Hamas forces and arms dumps. the Gazan's didn't like it but it stopped the bulk of the rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Certainly some civilians were killed as a result but thats because Hamas were hiding their weapons in civilian buildings etc. One of the problems with urban warfare is there is an increased risk of civilian casualties. If you take tanks out into the desert to shoot it out you can be pretty sure there will be no civilian casualties but when one side makes the streets into the battlefield then civilian casualties are inevitable. Also whilst there was alot of destruction actual casualties of war was pretty low considering all things. The destruction was inevitable but the IDF did do their best to avoid civilian casualties when possible. If there was an arms dump they were going to go and destroy the IAF would drop thousands of leaflets saying get out of that area the bombs are coming. This is the reality of urban warfare wherever you are in the world. If the palestinians don't want Cast Lead 2 then the solution is bring the terrorists under control. Without support from the grassroots Hamas would not be able to operate. So if the ordinary people stop supporting Hamas, then there will be no attacks against Israel and Israel will not retaliate.

    from the article: Goldstone reminded us of the real face of Kadima
    First published 00:42 04.04.11 | Last updated 00:42 04.04.11
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