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    • zionist forever
    • 04.04.11 | 15:45 (IDT)

    THE ACCEPTANCE COMMITTEE - that is aimed at preserving small communities and that applies to arabs and jews alike. If there is a small arab community in the Galilee and there are a whole load if jews who want to move in the arabs can then stop the jews moving in under this law. Its not apartheid its aimed at preservation of cummunities .. jew, arab, druze etc so if it applies to all groups how is it racist? NAKBA LAW - that bans the use of state funding for nakba events. Why should the state fund events which are aimed at undermining it. There isn't a country in the world where the state would fund things like this. The people who want to hold these events are welcome just don't ask taxpayers to fund it. Other political movements don't get state funding. Name a country that would allow state funding for events where they say the country has no right to exist? THE CITIZENSHIP LAW - How can anybody seriously say its racist or apartheid to strip citizens guilty of espionage or treason of their citizenship? The fact the arabs are more likely to commit treason or espionage because their sympathies are with the arabs who live outside Israel and so they are the ones who are more likely to be convicted than jews doesn't mean that its a discriminotary law. This law also applies to people with dual nationality ( mostly jews ) any native Israeli's who do not have duel nationality instead they loose things like the right to vote and certain state benefits and I see nothing wrong with any of that. .... don't commit the crime and you won't be punished. If somebody who is poor robs you we put them in jail we don't say its discriminotary because it only applies to the poor because the rich won't need the money we say rich or poor if you commit a crime its considered illegal and you get sent to prison for and its the same with this citizenship law so if you commit the crime of espionage or terror your punished for it. There is nothing that can be considered racist or apartheid about any of those bills only the arabs and leftists see that its apartheid.

    from the article: Heading toward an Israeli apartheid state
    First published 00:42 04.04.11 | Last updated 00:42 04.04.11
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