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Showy terror attacks loom on Israel's horizon

Israeli officials estimate Hamas won't risk another bout, but many variables could play into that equation; and don't forget Iran and Hezbollah still have a score to settle with the 'Zionists.'

Islamic State closing in on Kurds in Syria

Kurdish enclave in northern Syria has fought off regime forces and jihadists for two years; but against well-armed Islamic State, Kurdish fighters face possibility of disastrous defeat.

Anti-Semitism demo at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate September 14, 2014.
Can you leave Israel and still be a Zionist?

Israel's emigrants can play an important historical role in saving the democratic state from the destructive forces that threaten it from within.

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8 animal rights milestones in the year 5774

Pets win in court; the court shudders at the plight of El Al and monkeys; the first Animal Liberation Farm in the Middle East arises, and Pamela Anderson. 'Nuff said.