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    • 22.04.12 | 10:35 (IDT)

    it's easy to talk, and to judge. And very easy to write articles. We have no idea what goes on really behind the scenes. Most haredi parents would never ever agree sending their son to a psychiatrist for these types of problems, but deal with it in a very loving natural and accepting way. They will do anything in the normal range to help their son keep to Halacha (Torah law) which means preventing masturbation and sexual relationship before sacred intimate relationship in marriage with one and only wife which does make marriage and building a home in total unity and trust so special. It's very rare that parents would agree a faculty of a school system to take over their son's private business or be so oblivious to their sons emotional world that they wouldn't know what's going on. I don't believe medication is being given for these reasons alone, unless ther is real mental danger involved. What I can say for sure is, that psychiatrist today give out medication like candy, that I agree with fully. You just have to knock on their office and you surely will come out with a pescription of anything you like without assesing the situation in depth.(talking from my own experience). The same with prescription of Ritalin. Anyone out ther try the following: take your lively, full of fun and life daughter/son to a neurolgiat and complain about the liveliness-you will surely get a prescription of Ritalin, without much ado.. Nobody will ask you first to try reduce sugqar and white flour intake of the child, give a strong dose of Omega-3 and alot of healthy loving outlet-relationship to your child. Does he have a bike? Run an hour in the fresh air? Play with sand? Well, my hyperactive son is not taking Ritalin and all the above is helping him and yes ,I am a chareidi (proud ) mother of seven and my lively bunch is not easy but lovely and fun, I wouldn't exchange them for anything ... Please don't buy anything some bored journalist writes about, especially if its about chreidim, unless you hear from a journalist that knows the real insied story. Stop already with all the prejudice but if you really are curious, why don't you ask US maybe you'll realize we are not so bad after all.

    from the article: Psychiatric drugs become talk of the ultra-Orthodox community
    First published 02:23 22.04.12 | Last updated 02:23 22.04.12
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Patrick Leahy - AP - 16.5.2012

U.S. is closely tracking allegations of Israeli human rights violations, State Dept. tells Leahy

Statement comes in response to letter from Senator Patrick Leahy and 10 other Democrats asking for reassessment of military aid due to alleged 'gross violations of human rights.'

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone leaves after appearing on the LBC radio station in London
Despite furor over 'Zionist Hitler' comment, Livingstone denies responsibility for Labour's election results

Former London mayor, who said last week that Hitler had supported Zionism, accuses right-wing parliamentarians of stoking anti-Semitism to harm party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Habayit Hayehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich speaks at the Knesset plenum

Lawmaker: Israel should take revenge on Palestinians to preempt Jewish 'revenge attacks'

Right-wing MK Smotrich claims that the arson-murders of the Dawabsheh family and the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir were private citizens' 'justified aspirations' for revenge.

Dilek Dundar, journalist Can Dundar's wife, and his lawyer, 2nd left, overpower a gunman
After assassination attempt, Turkish journalist sentenced for revealing state secrets

Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gul, the newspaper's Ankara bureau chief, have been sentenced to at least five years jailtime.

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